OxiTape cross section


Oxitape is a moisture activated composite tape that cures in air or water to form a hard, protective shell which is chemical, UV, abrasion and impact resistant.

Oxitape is simply applied over the top of Oxifree TM198 providing a defensive shell that offers complete protection from contact as well as corrosion and contamination. Following the application of TM198, Oxitape can be applied immediately. Typical application time for a flange on a 2 inch pipe is 5 minutes

It is suitable for application over TM198 in areas subject to heavy environmental impact both above and below ground, e.g. wave slam, impact from debris and for equipment to be buried underground. It is especially suitable for the splash zone in the coastal/offshore environment.

Both products can be easily removed making it easy to conduct inspection and maintenance.

The combination of both Oxifree TM198 and Oxitape brings the benefits of TM198 to an even wider range of applications, assets and environments.