Navy Boat with OxiFree

Extending The Life of Your Assets

As the exclusive distributor of Oxifree to the US Navy, VSM Group is dedicated to delivering superior products and services for the mitigating of corrosion through the use of Oxifree TM198.

TM198 is a thermoplastic coating that protects metal components of all shapes and sizes against corrosive conditions on land and at sea. TM198 is melted down from a solid resin and applied using a heated hose and gun that provides 100% protection against corrosion and contamination.

Oxifree Advantages & Benefits

This is a picture of a valve seal protected with OxiFree. Application is simple and lasts for years.
  • 100% protection of critical components
  • No surface preparation required
  • No over spray
  • Reuse run-off, No waste
  • 100% protection on moving parts
  • Protects underwater
  • Easily removed in minutes with no mess
  • Organic and Environmentally safe
  • Life cycle is 10 years under most conditions
  • Cures in 2 minutes or less for immediate protection
  • Assures “Asset Readiness” of critical components and systems
  • Easy to transport, no special storage required
  • Remove all or part of applicated area for inspection and re-apply to removed area only for 100% protection
  • Reduces labor by one third versus paint
  • Resistant to Salt Spray, Chemical Splash, Rain, UV Rays, Hot and Cold climate conditions
  • Application not affected by humidity or light rain (just keep surface dry on application)
  • Can be applied without the use of breathing mask
  • Oxifree solves corrosion between Aluminum and dissimilar metals
  • Made in the U.S.A

Marine and Shipyards are by far the most corrosive environments where nature takes its toll 365 days a year. With paint being a suitable solution for many areas on vessels and within shipyards, it fails in protecting against corrosion of valves, flanges, winches, pulleys, fasteners, bearing housing, pumps, hydraulic systems, steel to concrete interfaces, electrical boxes and connections and many other components and equipment in use or in storage.

Oxifree TM198 encapsulates these components to form a 100% protective shield which eliminates the harsh corrosive environment that destroys critical and essential components.